SMU staff & faculty members receive the 2017 National Day Awards for their outstanding contribution to the nation

30 Aug 2017

Top photo: (L-R) Prof Yeo Tiong Min, Senior Lecturer Tom Estad, Prof Venky Shankararaman, Ms Sumathi Nair Venu Gopal and Ms Yeo Pin Pin.]

Bottom photo: (L-R) Assoc Prof Gary Pan, Mr Edmund Chin, Ms Janet Sinon, Ms Pauline Lee, Ms Serene Yap and Mr Jan Setyawan.]


Aside from SMU Chairman, Mr Ho Kwon Ping, who has been given one of the nation's highest honours – the prestigious Distinguished Service Order award (read detailed story here), 11 SMU staff and faculty members have also been recognised via the 2017 National Day Awards for their outstanding performance and their commitment towards Singapore’s tertiary education sector.

They were among the 4,322 individuals in 21 award categories who were honoured this year for their contributions to the country.

The Public Administration Medal recipients from SMU are: Mr Edmund Chin, Professor Yeo Tiong Min, Associate Professor Gary Pan and Professor Venkataramanan Shankararaman.

Additionally, Mr Thomas Estad, Ms Pauline Lee, Mr Jan Setyawan, Ms Serene Yap and Ms Yeo Pin Pin have been awarded The Commendation Medal; and Ms Janet P Sinon and Ms Sumathi Nair Venu Gopal have been awarded The Efficiency Medal.

SMU President, Professor Arnoud De Meyer, said, “My heartiest congratulations to all the SMU recipients.  The Singapore National Day Awards recognise and applaud various forms of merit and service to Singapore.  It is heartening to know that our SMU faculty and staff are being acknowledged for their service and exceptional contribution.”


The SMU recipients of the 2017 National Day Awards are:

The Public Administration Medal (Silver)

  • Mr Edmund Chin | Vice President, Office of Legal & General Affairs
  • Prof Yeo Tiong Min | Yong Pung How Chair Professor of Law, School of Law 

The Public Administration Medal (Bronze)

  • Assoc Prof Gary Pan | Associate Dean (Undergraduate Admissions and Student Development); Associate Dean, SMU-X; Associate Professor of Accounting (Education), School of Accountancy
  • Prof Venkataramanan Shankararaman | Associate Dean (Education), Professor of Information Systems (Education), School of Information Systems

The Commendation Medal

  • Mr Thomas Estad | Senior Lecturer of Corporate Communication, Lee Kong Chian School of Business
  • Ms Pauline Lee | Senior Assistant Director, Payroll & Benefits Administration, Office of Human Resources & Faculty Administration
  • Mr Jan Setyawan | Senior Assistant Director (Learning Space Technologies), Office of Integrated Information Technology Services
  • Ms Serene Yap | Senior Associate Director (Technology Support Services), Office of Integrated Information Technology Services
  • Ms Yeo Pin Pin | Senior Associate Director, SMU Libraries

The Efficiency Medal

  • Ms Janet P Sinon | Manager, Centre for English Communication
  • Ms Sumathi Nair Venu Gopal |  Senior Manager, Centre for Scholars’ Development, Office of Dean of Students

Last updated on 4 Sep 2017.

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