SMU's Gift of a Song to Commemorate 50 Years of National Service

11 Aug 2017

[Photo from L-R: Jimmy Ye (SMU), Major Yang Hai Yan (Music & Drama Company), Nathan Hartono (singer), Ruth Ling (singer-songwriter) and Chen Jia Ming (songwriter-producer)]

Singapore, 11 August (Friday) – The Singapore Management University (SMU) is proud to commission an original song entitled – “I Get You” – as a tribute to commemorate 50 years of National Service (NS50) and to acknowledge the contributions of all in Singapore who have served or continue to serve NS.

Since 1967, National Service has been both a rite of passage for Singaporean males (including PRs) and part of our identity, as well as the primary reason Singapore has enjoyed several decades of peace.

SMU President Arnoud De Meyer said, “Tertiary education and National Service are both defining rites-of-passage for our SMU students. As a university for the City, SMU is proud to add our voice-in-song to the chorus of tributes for NS50.”

“I Get You” or “我懂你”is inspired by the bonds of brotherhood developed through this rite of passage for every Singaporean man. The music and lyrics (see Annex) are written and produced by SMU’s in-house creative head, Jimmy Ye 叶良俊, in collaboration with Chen Jia Ming 陈佳明 (Chinese lyrics) and Ruth Ling. The song in both English and Mandarin, is sung by the effervescent Nathan Hartono 向洋, courtesy of SAF Music & Drama Company.

Said Jimmy Ye, “I have fond memories of NS and the great buddies I made then. So I was thrilled to be asked to write a song to commemorate 50 years of NS. I knew I wanted the song to be about the camaraderie that the NS experience fosters; and how Singaporeans from all walks of life can nevertheless “get” each other when it really matters. And I am so grateful I “got” my friends Jia Ming and Ruth as well as the exuberant Nathan to collaborate with on this memorable project. I hope everyone gets our song and loves it!”

Both the English and Chinese versions of the songs have been aired on our local radio stations and will be available as part of the NS50 online music album featuring NS-related songs specially composed by various local celebrities and the SAF Music & Drama Company. The song can also be heard at these links:

More information on NS50 can be found at:


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