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Early Academic Career Opportunities

SMU, with the support of the Ministry of Education, offers three types of post-graduate development opportunities providing a range of support to promising Singaporeans at the early stages of their academic career.

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1.       Overseas Postgraduate Scholarships (OPS)
2.       Overseas Post-doctoral Fellowships (OPF)
3.       Early Career Award (ECA)

SMU recruits selectively from around the world to build an experienced, committed and talented faculty.

Our faculty bring a wealth of research, teaching and professional experiences from places such as: USA, Canada, Korea, Australia, India, Japan, Europe, United Kingdom, Malaysia, New Zealand, China (PRC, Taiwan, Hong Kong), and of course, Singapore. You may refer to our Faculty Directory.

They bring to SMU a desire to shape a new kind of university, which draws on the experiences and talents of its growing, diverse and capable faculty.

SMU's faculty hold PhDs from (inter alia) the following institutions: University of Pennsylvania, Carnegie Mellon, Stanford, Harvard, Oxford, MIT, NYU, Columbia, Northwestern, Chicago, Yale, Princeton, Cornell, LSE, Dartmouth, UCLA, NYU, Michigan and UC Berkeley, and University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. For a more complete list of PhDs please refer to our Full Time Doctorate Profile listing.

We at SMU are committed to making Singapore recognized, not only in Asia, but around the world, as a center of educational excellence. 

Last updated on 4 Jun 2018.