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Finance & Financial Markets

The Finance and Financial Markets as an area of excellence (AoE) was launched in 2012 to project SMU's distinctive academic leadership in the area of finance and financial markets. The Finance and Financial Markets AoE encompasses a wide spectrum of topics within the finance domain, and its applications in various aspects of financial markets. At SMU, we apply our knowledge and global perspectives in an Asian context to bridge concepts and theories with essential skills and best practices applied by finance practitioners. Read More [+]

In this AoE, we bring academics, students, practitioners and policy makers together to explore research, education and industry outreach efforts in: (a) Empirical and theoretical research in finance; (b) Financial markets and institutions; (c) Investment products and services; and (d) Corporate finance, financial disclosures and governance"

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"Acquisitions driven by stock overvaluation: Are they good deals?"

by Fangjian Fu (SMU-LKCSB), Leming Lin (University of Florida), Micah S. Officer (Loyola Marymount University), Journal of Financial Economics (available online Feb 2013)

"Sell-order liquidity and the cross-section of expected stock returns"

by Michael J. Brennana (Anderson Sch UCLA, Manchester Biz Sch, King Abdulaziz Uni), Tarun Chordiad (Goizueta Biz Sch), Avanidhar Subrahmanyama (Anderson Sch UCLA), Qing Tong (SMU-LKCSB), Journal of Financial Economics (Sep 2012)

National Feelings or Rational Dealings? The Role of Procedural Priming on the Perceptions of Cross-Border Acquisitions

by Yuk-yue Tong, Pamsy Pun-Zee Hui, Letty Kwan, Siqing Peng, Journal of Social Issues (Dec 2011)