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Analytics for Business, Consumer & Social Insights

Powerful new analytics approaches with ‘big data’ are at the heart of emerging organisational capabilities that will become the new norm by 2020. They support the creation of rich strategic, marketing, operational, and social insights that bring next-generation management thinking within reach for today’s leaders. The SMU Analytics for Business, Consumer & Social Insights (BCSI) Area of Excellence (AoE) is exploring practical and smarter ways to make sense of data at scale, and to leverage data analytics for improved decision-making, planning and resource allocation.

We do this by combining the expertise of our faculty and the capabilities across our SMU schools, research institutes, centres and laboratories. The capabilities we are creating are truly interdisciplinary, which is central to solving complex and important management and social problems.



Ratings lead you to the product, reviews help you clinch it? The mediating role of online review sentiments on product sales

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Social Networks among Auction Bidders: The Role of Key Bidders and Structural Properties on Auction Prices

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Improving patient length-of-stay in emergency department through dynamic queue management.

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Generative Models for Item Adoptions Using Social Correlation.

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Understanding the Paradigm Shift in Computational Social Science in the Presence of 'Big Data.

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TODMIS: Mining Communities from Trajectories

by Siyuan Liu, Shuhui Wang, Kasthuri Jeyarajah, Archan Misra and Ramayya Krishnan, 22nd ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM), Accepted for publication, October/November 2013.